Knowledge Management System – KMS/

hyphen SA’s Knowledge Management System (KMS) is an integrated electronic data collection and management platform that was created after several years of research and development into the requirements and needs of businesses.

The philosophy underpinning the KMS is to ensure all the information a business requires over time is readily available. It is for this reason that the KMS is divided into two main categories, Contacts and Events, both of which offer all the capabilities of the platform.


Contacts contain essential information about staff and general users, as well as all natural or legal persons and entities that are associated with and interact with the group.


Events connect the contacts. Every action or piece of information passed from one contact to another contact (or contacts) is recorded in the form of an event. Through this process, the user of the KMS can search for and access organised information regarding these contacts. The platform ensures that what has happened and what will happen is registered and readily available to use.

Here are some examples of the advantages and multifunctional applications of the KMS:

  • Instant access to contacts and their details
  • Management of contacts and events for specific projects
  • Employee productivity measurements
  • Programming of actions associated with contacts, events and projects
  • Commissioning and delivery of tasks via the platform
  • Update of contacts in relation to events or new information
  • Calculation of cost centres
  • Connection and synchronization of multiple educational platforms