Business Plan/

The business plan relates to the strategies of a business and its specific way of thinking. The Business Plan:

  • maps out the goals and priorities of a business
  • contributes to strategic decision-making processes
  • guides the business to manage risks and take advantage of opportunities
  • provides a clear marketing plan to overcome any competition
  • is an important tool for the internal communication of a business

hyphen SA’s technical know-how, informed by the research of the αriston project, initiates every business and entrepreneur into the international standards for business, setting goals but also guiding businesses in the ways in which to achieve these goals.

hyphen SA’s business plan ensures that the development of every business is placed within a framework that has a clear sense of direction and destination. In particular, hyphen SA’s Business Plan:

  • is characterised by extensive original content
  • provides recommendations for implementation that are based solely on the cost centres of the business and which will not add any unaffordable costs to the budget
  • is perfectly adapted to businesses employing between 1 to 500 employees
  • conducts diagnostic reports which help to identify and manage any losses, as well as assist the management of human and productive resources
  • offers more than the standard methods of financial analysis by providing customised cost-centre analysis