αriston codex for personal and entrepreneurial empowerment

Codex is defined as ‘code’, but in terms of entrepreneurial empowerment, it means that entrepreneurship is woven into people’s DNA, whether they own a business or not.

Entrepreneurship exists within the employer–employee relationship since the employer is the employee’s most important client. As such, the employee’s behaviour is governed by the need to adopt entrepreneurial traits.

With the αriston codex, we decode and lay out, in technical and scientific terms, the meaning inherent in the Chinese proverb: “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

The αriston codex identifies and codifies all the small targets we set, based on our experiences, in other words, the baby steps we need to take daily in order to be consistently successful and resourceful. It is a reference book, or rather, a guide book, to be used at every step of our journey through the different stages of life.

Back in 2012, hyphen SA held an event at Porto Palace in Thessaloniki for entrepreneurs from across Greece. At that time, everyone was still coming to terms with the economic crisis, hoping it was something ephemeral. I remember talking to an educational business owner from Kilkis who told me, and I quote, “I am very angry; so angry, that I become paralyzed, numb, and I cannot function”. I asked him, “If the Greek economy had been ruined by a major earthquake, would you be so angry?” and he answered, “How could I be angry at God, at nature?” I pointed out that everything is an illusion; we become angry because we believe that other people’s intentions have led us to where we are today. We do not view this as an accident; we do not see life and economy as a daily struggle for survival in a jungle.

The αriston codex equips us with simple and comprehensible tools to enable us to manage the jungle surrounding us, no matter how wild, from the early age of 9 to the grand age of 99.

It teaches us the skill of assuming responsibility for our own lives.

I believe the αriston codex is timeless. It will remain current during the economic crisis since the challenge for Greek society is that it’s being violently forced to assume responsibility for its own life.


by Yannis Stergis, President & CEO, hyphen SA


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